Michael Healy Rae TD reports

There is extreme concern at present about our small inshore fishermen operators who predominately fish for Shrimp, Crab and other fish that are the main source of income for our inshore fleet. In our locality we have part time and in many instances small operators who make a part living from the sea but unfortunately they are under severe strain at present. They have had to deal with poor weather and they are also dealing with the predicament with the new restrictions which are making it uneconomical to operate at present. This coupled with the additional extra fuel cost increases and at the same time these fishermen look at the larger white fish vessels which are and rightly so taking advantage of the tie up schemes but there is no such supports or schemes in place for the small inshore fleet operators.
I have asked the Government to look at this matter and that surely the same supports should be in place for the inshore fishermen as what is there for the larger white fish vessels who have received a number of financial supports already. I will do everything I can to highlight this anomaly and make Government listen.

The burning of green waste on family farm’s has always been a practise that is very much needed and required for good farm management. If a person does reclamation work, cuts down trees and needs to burn branches or any other excess growth, or indeed burn our hills which is a common and traditional practise that is much needed and much required to stop ground growing wild.
Present Government seem hell bent on doing away with this practise and are at present refusing to sign the derogation which is required to allow burning to go ahead this year.
I will pursue this very important matter as in Co Kerry if all burning will be completely stopped it will result in additional uncontrolled fires as we have seen in the past and which are most unwelcome.

I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and healthy new year in 2023. Always remember if I can ever be of any assistance or help at any time please do not hesitate to contact me.

At a recent HSE briefing I again highlighted the need for more resources and to strengthen the excellent service and facility that our local hospital in Kenmare provides. It is very obvious that if more services can be provided locally to our community services and our GP’s it can relieve pressure on the University Hospital Kerry. This would be of huge importance and have such a positive effect on all services. The more direct and at home medical care that can be given leads to better medical outcomes.

My Clinic in Kenmare is every Saturday night at 10pm at the Atlantic
Monthly clinics in the following areas Saliors bar , lake house, Helens bar are the second Friday of every month
Black water tavern and Sneem Resource Centre last Monday of every month
Healy Raes Shop and Healy Raes bar is every Sunday night

Yours Sincerely,

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