Buys December at Tahilla national school

There has been lots of hard work and equal amounts of fun in the junior room over the past month. The pupils have begun D.E.A.R time (drop everything and read). The pupils have also been learning lots under the theme of space. Did you know that there are 8 planets in our solar system, including our very own Earth? The children have worked very hard on their artwork of space and on their Winter Wonderlands. We hope you like them!

Each class in our school participated in a print-making project with an artist called Barbara Costello. This took place every Monday for three weeks. Each student chose something that represents themselves, researched their topic, and made a design on a foam sheet. We then placed our foam sheet onto the stamping ink and pressed on it until you think all the ink has transferred. Finally, we use the foam sheet as a stamp on paper. We left it for a minute after pressing it down, and then – boom! – you have your very own stamp on a sheet of paper! It was great fun making stamps and we look forward to printing again sometime soon.

This week in the senior room we were delighted to get the chance to learn how to play chess with Múinteoir Kevin. Some of us already had a good idea of how to play, some of us knew a little bit, and for others it was our very first time. Do you know that in a single game of chess, there are over 400 possible moves after each move played? We certainly will be kept busy every Wednesday when we can play.

Thank you for reading our news!
Written by 6th class pupils in Tahilla CNS

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