Pass wide and slow

On October 1st this year’s local ‘Pass Wide and Slow’ campaign was organised by Miranda Mulcahy, a local equestrian.
The ‘Pass Wide and Slow’ Campaign is aimed at all road users but mainly to bring awareness to road users to be cautious around horses on the road. Many drivers are very understanding but there is still a few that are not aware that anything could spook a horse on the road. Due to the horse being a fright and flight animal it’s natural instinct is to run away from a loud noise, a lawnmower or hedge trimmer, or a dog behind a garden fence, so driving slowly and giving horses and other road users lots of room can prevent horse accidents. The Highway code states that we should pass all livestock at no more than 8km per hour.
The group went along Main Street and then out the by pass road, waving at many shoppers in the local shopping centres before gathering in front of the church. All involved would like to thank local Gardaí for escorting them some of the way, Councillor Cleo Murphy for supporting the cause, Centra for supplying sandwiches and drinks and Kevin O’Reilly for sponsoring rosettes.Wide and slow 398317502_801266198676982_6044050288341324840_n